From out of Time itself The bird-band came.

At some point thinking less of the importance of being fearless, more the crazed, and less the calculated. 

The idea aeons young, still full to brimming, and the collective heat of the Four, searing with rabid determination and boundless optimism.


There was the Birdman hisself, Thought Fox, J-Break and the Noisewheel.

It would have seemed as a force of Nature drew the Four through all manner of themes and dreams.

United in the endless fight to bring forth such as they were bound – those body-moving trillets, headforstrong thinkpieces, the endless, swerving mell-o-dies, collated and collected, strewn and shorn, abated and berated, hewn and honed.


What remains in the aftermath only the future could fathom. 

See the beautiful, endless listless entwine, fall apart, and fly together again, as only such events do.